Soho Japanese Restaurant Review

The Soho Japanese Restaurant was opened by John Chien Lee. It was his dream to open his own restaurant. John has well over twenty years of experience within this industry. He started off at the bottom and gradually grew to the top. John has worked in many popular and well know restaurants throughout the world. He started off working in his Uncle’s restaurant at the very young age of sixteen. He learned as much as he could about everything involved with the kitchen. After several years, John decided he would make a move to LA. It is here where he gained as much experience as he could from many professional chefs. Before he knew it, he suddenly became the top chef of the city center’s Social House. After some time here, John finally decided it was time to open his own unique restaurant. He named his restaurant, the Soho Japanese Restaurant.

Soho is known to serve Japanese Asian food. They endeavor to bring high quality food to those who live in LA. You will find that most of their food is the usual Asian style food. Soho has won many awards and is the third top restaurant in the United States for 2015.

As we have already seen, Soho serve’s Japanese Asian food. It is all delicious. Some of the types of food this restaurant provides include: Salmon dishes, Crab dishes, Cod dishes, Ocean Trout and a wide range of other sea food dishes. If you have a love for hot food, we have a great range you can choose from. These include: New York Steak with vegetables, sweet butter and soy. Free Range Chicken with garlic butter soy and vegetables. Sansho Butter Salmon with root vegetables and sweet butter soy. Soho also provide a wide range Sushi and Deserts.

Soho can also provide catering for all kinds of functions. These might include: a small five person party right through to a two hundred guests banquet. All you need to do is contact us and give us at least forty eight hours notice. This allows us suitable time to prepare for your special function.

The prices for our food at Soho are very affordable. This is a great restaurant if you are on a budget. Or if you want a place to bring your family. The prices range from as little as nine dollars right through to the highest price at eighteen dollars.
The drinks at Soho Restaurant are all the usual drinks you would find in other restaurants. As with the food, the prices of the drinks are very affordable.

The atmosphere at Soho Japanese Restaurant is clearly relaxed as the chef wants the locals to have a great experience just as the tourists do. You can be assured that you will have an experience that you have never had at any other restaurant before.

Those who have visited this restaurant, have given Soho five stars. They have said that they keep going back to give more food a try. It has been said Soho also have a happy hour menu. This menu has a wide range of options for as little as six dollars to seven dollars. It has been said that those who work at Soho Restaurant are incredibly nice. Another customer said that the food they tried was amazing. The oysters were only three dollars and they fell in love with the braised short rib. They highly recommend all who are in LA to give Soho a try. A different customer has assured readers that this restaurant is very clean and fresh. The service is also very generous, nice and knowledgeable. The Sushi is fantastic.

As we have seen, Soho is a Japanese Restaurant. It was opened by its main chef, John Chien Lee. Soho has a wide range of food and drinks. All of which come at a very affordable price. Those who have come to our restaurant have loved all of our food. Many have given us a five star rating. If you have a love love for Japanese Asian style food then this place is the place to come!